Aidan Foss PhD, P.Eng, SMIEEE (President), has over 35 years of professional engineering experience covering power, control, software and simulation. A graduate in mathematics from Cambridge University with a doctorate in turbine control from Imperial College, Aidan initially specialized in computer control and simulation for industrial and off-shore applications. In 1990, Aidan joined the National Grid Company, focusing on generator-grid inter-connection, frequency and voltage control, and power quality. In 2001, Aidan moved to Ottawa and co-founded ANF Energy providing engineering services for distributed generation, and in particular for grid interconnection and hydro-electric generator protection and control. Associations: IEEE 1020 Small Hydro Control Working Group Member; COGEN Canada – Board of Advisors; IEEE Ottawa Electrical Power Symposia Founder and Co-chair (2001-2006); Expert Witness for the Canadian Government on Hydro-Electric Generator Control (2012-13); IEEE Power & Energy Society Outstanding Engineer Award (2013).

Kalle Leppik B.Eng, P.Eng. MIEEE (Vice-President), obtained a Bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa in 1981. For over 25 years, he has been involved in instrumentation and control work, including PLC programming and Digital Signal Processing. Achievements include: 1) Reduced the electric bill by 40% at the Canadian embassy in Ankara Turkey through the installation of reactive power compensation. 2) Implemented control and instrumentation for the world’s only Whole Body Calorimeter at Ottawa University. 3) Designed the automated tooling to retube reactor cores at the CANDU nuclear reactors at the Bruce Power Plant. From 2007, Kalle has provided ANF Energy with renewable energy grid connection engineering services, particularly for biogas and hydro-electric projects. He is a co-founder of ANF Energy.

Martin Hutchings B.Sc (Hons.) (Vice-President), PMP, obtained a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK. Martin has over 25 years experience of electronic and electrical design, primarily in the area of hardware systems and semiconductors for the communications industry. He has worked in a number of R&D and project management roles for companies including Fujitsu, Nortel, Zarlink Semiconductors and ITT Aerospace/Communications. From 2010, Martin has provided ANF Energy with renewable energy grid connection technical services, particularly for biogas and solar projects. He is a co-founder of ANF Energy.

Jordan Newman (Operations Manager), has over 22 years of operations experience covering 10 years in high tech manufacturing and 12 years in automotive parts and servicing. For over 15 years, Jordan has been a supervisor overseeing the implementation of new processes for improving production and sales, including specialist training of personnel. In automotive, he consistently earned top sales through providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. Since 2014, Jordan has been working with ANF Energy on the construction of their electrical control cabinets, website and electrical drawings.

Our Story

ANF Energy is an Ottawa based company incorporated in Ontario in February 2003, and licensed to offer professional engineering services. From 2003 to 2006, our main focus was on the development of controllers for Distributed Generation, particularly run-of-the-river hydro-electric.

In 2006, the Ontario Government launched the RESOP (Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program) incentive, and ANF Energy quickly became involved, particularly with the emerging Ontario biogas industry. Their focus was on the electrical connection to the distribution grid, with projects broadening to include Solar, WindRun-of-the-river-hydro and Landfill Gas. In addition to engineering services, ANF Energy played a key role in the development of lower-cost connection options such as passive anti-islanding and low-impedance grounding. In 2009, the FIT (Feed-in-Tariff) program replaced RESOP as the vehicle for incentivizing renewable energy in Ontario.

   In 2013, ANF Energy was presented with an opportunity to develop a new controller for run-of-the-river hydro-electric generation. This was achieved using off-the-shelf PLCs and protection relays combined with custom software. The first installations were at two hydro-electric facilities on the Bonnechere river in Ontario. By 2014, ANF Energy had formed a new division covering distributed generation controls and the manufacture of custom control cabinets.

From 2017 onward, ANF Energy became increasingly involved with MicroGrids, and in 2019 commenced work on the design of their first transition controller, the MTC-1, for transitioning between Grid Power and MicroGrid Power.

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